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Who is Occupied?

Occupied is a national, technology-driven hospitality investment & management organization specializing in short-term rentals and boutique hotels. Occupied operates properties in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida and is actively expanding across the U.S. 

Who's Occupied

What We Do

Occupied helps investors maximize returns by switching from long-term rentals to short-term rentals. We step in and partner with the owners to run every aspect of the short-term rental process from the initial setup and design, to the marketing and guest communication, to the turnovers and property maintenance. Our team will handle all daily operations with a focus on revenue optimization.


Our goal is to provide a seamless and profitable hands-free hosting experience for our owners while offering amazing and unique properties for our incredible guests. 

What We Do

Our Team

Our Team

Technology Partners

We've partnered with the most innovative and latest technology companies in the industry to maximize marketing, streamline hosting, more security, noise-control and revenue management!

Tech Part

Marketing Partners

We partner with the top listing companies including 25+ different websites to market our listings across the globe for maximum marketing exposure

Mark Part

At Occupied we partner with landlords, investors, and second homeowners on their vacant homes. We bring world-class design, operating systems, tools, and people to successfully host travelers for 29 days or less. We manage every aspect of the short-term rental to ensure world-class customer service and maximize profitability.

Working with Occupied

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